Episode One: No Such Thing as Vampires (Pilot) Review
Will Contain Spoilers!!

Original Airdate: October 5, 2007

This episode is a hundred times better than last week's in my opinion. It's about a man, Lee Jay Spalding, who Mick put in prison for 25 years. A lady reporter, who happens to be Beth's friend, says that he was wrongfully accused of murder and convicted. She wrote a book about him and fell in love with him. Mick knows the man killed his wife and made it look like suicide, so he tried to kill Lee Jay. But a cop showed up and stopped him. Lee Jay knows that Mick is a vampire and decides to hunt him down. He did a lot of reading in jail about vampires and so he recruits his friends to help him out.

Beth brings Mick a copy of the book and his picture is in it. He says that was his father and tell Beth she's wrong about Lee Jay and that her friend should be careful. He goes to see his old friend, Bobby, and gets a case file from Lee Jay's trial. Bobby is blind and so he thinks that Mick is the same age he is.

Mick goes to Lee Jay's book signing and gives Beth the case file. She gets annoyed and runs off. He follows Lee Jay to the restroom and tries to kill him again, but Lee Jay stabs Mick with a wooden stake and then bangs his own head into a glass mirror. Then he runs out screaming that Mick did that to him.

Beth confronts Mick and he tells her what happened. Lee Jay's wife asked Mick to do something because he tried threatened to kill her if she left him. Mick beats him up and threatens to kill him if he hurts his wife again. Then Mick and Josef are at a party (very awesome stuff goes on in this scene. "I'll take the red." God I love Mick.) Mick gets a call from Bobby that says Lee Jay's wife is dead by apparent suicide because she's holding the gun and has a gunshot to the head.

Beth finds out about Bobby and goes to see him. He tells her Mick is the one who attacked Lee Jay 25 years ago. Lee Jay goes to Mick's apartment and confronts him. Then he shoots himself with Mick's gun and calls 911. Mick packs up and runs. Josef tells him he made the news and that he's off his game. He says Mick should have killed Lee Jay. Mick says he needs to erase a regret and that he's not leaving the city.

He goes to Beth and her boyfriend (or shall I say TOOL?) who's an attorney at the DA's office. She tapes his story and puts it on BuzzWire. She also takes up for him when her boyfriends says he's guilty. When Lee Jay gets out fo the hostpital, he kidnaps Beth's friend, Julia, and threatens to kill her. He calls Mick and tells him to turn himself in. That convinces Beth's boyfriend to believe in Mick and so he helps out by getting a friend of his to say that Mick turned himself in.

Meanwhile, Mick and Beth go to save Julia. Lee Jay shoots Mick with silver bullets, that act like poison to him. Then he gets a torch and tries to set him on fire. Beth comes in and shoots Lee Jay, killing him. Mick runs off to his apartment to get some blood and Beth follows him. She has all kinds of questions, but he tries to keep his back turned to her. He looks so pitiful in this scene. She finally looks at his face and gasps while he says, "I'm a vampire." And the episode ends. T_T

End of SPOILERS and Episode Review

Personally, I cannot WAIT to see more of this show! :D