Episode One: No Such Thing as Vampires (Pilot) Review
Will Contain Spoilers!!

Original Airdate: September 28, 2007

This episode starts out with a man in a freezer. A voice female voice says, "Mick St. John, thank you for joining us tonight." A male says, "You're welcome." The female replies, "So what's it like being a vampire?" And he responds, "Being a vampire sucks." That's when we see Mick sitting at a table during what looks like an interview. After a quirky question and answer fest, Mick makes it plain that he does not hunt, "women, children, or innocents." But he does go after the predators. All the folklore about crusifixes, Holy water, garlic, and wooden stakes are false. He does drink blood, but he gets it from a "dealer" and not by biting anyone. He has morals and a heart. The only way he can die is from being burned alive and if someone chops off his head. Sunlight will make him feel very bad, but it won't burn him alive.

We learn that he is a private investigator. He says that it is a way for him to use his "special abilities." And he tells the wanna be vampires to stay out of his way.

Now we go back to the man in the freezer. It's Mick and apparently he was dreaming this whole thing about the interview. He tells us that the reality of being a vampire is that you sleep alone and keep your secrets hidden. And you inject yourself with blood into a vein instead of biting people. Or at least, that's his way of doing it. He says that people act like they aren't afraid of what's different, but they really are. And when you live forever, the past always catches up to you.

The next scene starts with a young lady reporter talking about a girl that has just been killed. Mick shows up and watches her from a distance, in the shadows. The reporter says that her name is Beth Turner to the camera and then tries to get more details from the police. She sneaks over to the body and takes some pictures before a cop notices her and makes her leave. Apparently, the dead girl has what appears to be bite marks on her neck. So Bet starts trying to come up with a name for this story. That's when she says something about vampires and runs into Mick. She tells him that he looks very familiar and after talking with him a bit, he says there are no such thing as vampires and dissappears.

Mick goes to see a friend of his, Josef. He says that Josef is one of the oldest vampires in L.A. He's pretty much the "brains" of the vampires and he sends Mick to kill off predators who might get people's attention that vampires do exist.

The episode continues with Beth gathering clues about the murder and Mick telling how he met Beth. He saved her from his wife, also a vampire, when Beth was little. She wanted them to be a family and Mick couldn't stand seeing Beth get hurt, so he set his wife on fire and left. Now, he's determined to keep her safe, no matter what.

Beth finds out that a professor (who believes he is a vampire) at the dead girl's college killed her. She tracks him down, pretending to be a student, and gets caught by him. Mick comes to her rescue, fights with the professor and kills him, and finds Beth in a car, all drugged up by the professor's helper, and saves her again.

End of SPOILERS and Episode Review

Personally, I cannot WAIT to see more of this show! :D